Here’s what Apple moving to NC means

Recently, Apple announced that it will be expanding its offices to the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The Cupertino company has even allocated a budget of around $1 billion to build its east coast hub.

By doing this, the company plans to create around 3000 jobs and the reported…

Here’s everything you need to know

New Mac Mini render

We haven’t seen a true re-design to the Mac Mini since 2010 when Apple went from the plastic design to the full-on unibody design that we know of now.

The good news is that Apple is completely redesigning the Mac Mini.

Apple still sells the more expensive Intel Mac Mini…

Here’s what you can expect

Mockup by TeddyGraphics

Another hardware release we can expect from Apple is the successor to the Thunderbolt Display.

One thing that points to the release of a new Apple display is the discontinuation of the LG UltraFine 4K display from European Apple Stores. The UltraFine 4K was essentially the old Thunderbolt displays replacement…

The company’s inner working are finally exposed

TIME magazine has featured Mark Zuckerberg on its latest cover

It’s been a bad week for Facebook.
The company was left scrambling after a massive outage that left WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook offline, and then, came a different kind of damage control.

All of it was brought on by a whistleblower who leaked thousands of documents to the Wall Street…

Here’s how the M1 compares to the competition

Ever since Apple announced their Apple Silicon transition, I’ve been wondering how they’re going to manage to compete with the top CPUs and GPUs that are found in the Mac Pro. …

Here’s an in-depth look at Elon Musk’s latest invention

Patent 8636241

Elon Musk has pretty much done it all when it comes to the tech industry, from electric vehicles to reusable rockets and brain implants. The tech entrepreneur still doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The tesla world has seen many technological advancements over the last two decades, producing…

The Apple Glass is coming

Over the last decade, Apple has dominated the tech industry with their gadgets. From Macs to iPhones, and even AirTags, Apple products have always been regarded as premium assets. Now, the tech giant diving into some new territory — Virtual & Augmented Reality.

This time, Apple is coming up with…

Some exciting details about the iPhone 13

According to the Chinese e-commerce website IThome, Apple is planning to launch the iPhone lineup on the 17th of September.

A screenshot of the early blender was posted on the Chinese blogging site Weibo that shows all four models being available for pre-order on the 17th. …

Analysts are expecting a major increase in battery life

For the past few months, there have been rumors of the new iPhones coming in larger form factors. By larger, I mean thicker. With these rumors being “confirmed” by more and more credible leakers, people started wondering whether Apple was making this extra room for larger batteries.

The source of…

Qualcomm says the can.

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon during a launch event

Things started getting really exciting when Apple’s iPad chips approached the performance of laptops with Intel CPUs. Then Apple started the transition to their own silicon, which is based on the ARM architecture. Then they released the M1. …

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