The new MacBooks and iMacs are almost here!

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The new (rumored) 24-inch iMac alongside the potential new design of the iMac Pro

Apple Silicon is the name Apple will be using for their custom made ARM-based chips that will be transitioning over to the next two years.

At WWDC Apple revealed a Mac mini as the first such Mac to have an Apple Silicon chip inside, and this was an Apple A12Z, the same chip as inside the iPad Pro 2020 — but this Mac mini is only for developers.

When will the first Silicon Mac be available for the public?

Apple said that the first MacBook with an Apple Silicon chip will arrive by the…

New colorful iMacs are coming VERY soon!

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source: Jon Prosser

Jon Prosser (a credible Apple leaker) recently confirmed that the iMac redesign we’ve been waiting for is finally happening.
According to these renders, Apple is going for a retro look and introducing colors back onto the iMac lineup.

It looks like these colors are directly taken from the latest iPad Air lineup and these include a Space Gray, Silver, Green, Rose Gold, and Sky Blue. This seems like it will actually happen considering Apple also shares this color palette with the AirPods Max. It’s not unlikely Apple will “copy and paste” these colors once again.

We have a massive leak regarding the new AirPods 3 and it could get people quite excited

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Source: 52audio

The source comes from 52atudio, and I have to admit they have done a pretty good job with these renders ↑

Essentially, these are the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro design combined.
You can see that the new AirPods have a very similar case size to the AirPods 2 but the buds themselves have a smaller stem.

In some images, we can see silicon tips, and in others, we don’t. …

A couple of devices were victims of high expectations

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With all of the “crazy” predictions that have come out regarding what will be released, I think it’s time to take a step back and look at what Apple could realistically launch at this event.

So, which devices are the victims of these high expectations?

I think the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro’s are the safest bet. I get it, glorious redesign, a resurrected MagSafe charger, and the long-awaited mini-LED panels with gorgeous colors, brightness, and contrast. It’s sad to imagine we might not get there as…

Here’s what we can expect from this processor

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The current Apple Silicon chip is hugely impressive.
The question is “where does Apple go next?”

Rumors abound of new machines including the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models and a new iMac. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but it does seem logical that they would look to upgrade these great machines as soon as possible.

In reality, none of us know what Apple will call their new M series chip — M1X, M1Y, maybe even M2.
I suspect the second generation of Apple Silicon for Mac will be what starts to replace the Intel in the Pro machines.

You might want to think about this before investing in an M1 Mac.

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Apple's M1 computers like using the internal SSD’s for memory swap space and SSD’s can only be written for a limited number of times.

So, should we be concerned about the lifespan of our M1 SSD’s?

To answer this question, it’s helpful to know a little bit about SSD technology.

Solid State Storage (SSD) is not a new invention. It’s been around since the 80s. An SSD is made up of NAND cells. In simpler terms, these cells store electrical charge. They literally trap electrons and that state persists even when your computer is switched off. …

I went from the 16-inch MacBook Pro to the M1 MacBook Air!

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Image by: Author

On the surface, the latest MacBook Air doesn’t look much different than its predecessor — it has the same aluminum body, the same size screen, and bezels, the fantastic redesigned scissor-switch keyboard (luckily without the touch bar), and the amazing, industry-leading touchpad.

The real differences are inside.

The M1 chip is Apple’s attempt to move away from the grips of Intel and integrate its own processors into their computers. It is similar to the latest processors found in the latest iPads and iPhones but with more cores and overall performance.

So what does this really mean?

First and foremost, this…

Here’s what you can expect

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There is no doubt there is a huge interest in the upcoming iPad Pro. It is a device that has been highly anticipated since 2019. If rumors are to be trusted, its introduction should be in March of 2021 with a completely new display.

While this iPad Pro will be the first of many Apple products that will eventually adopt this kind of screen technology, Apple implementing a mini-LED display in any lineup is a big upgrade.

Back in 2019, credible analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple will launch MacBooks and iPads with mini-LED displays in 2021, suggesting that this…

What the drama is REALLY about.

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Over the decades Apple went from a technology company to a design company to a fashion company and now to a privacy company. This was their strategy as they correctly identified the global trend where people started becoming more and more conscious about the privacy of their personal data online.

On the other hand, Facebook is the antithesis of privacy. Their whole business model is based on exploiting personal users data to serve them targeted advertising. …

Analysts are saying it could launch with a new M1-like chip!

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Pigtou rendering of new iPad + the cryptic tweet in question

We have yet another l0vetodream report to delve into. l0vetodream is a Twitter user who has a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple leaks. So far, they have an 89% accuracy rate from 100 rumors.

The catch is, this leaker gives information via riddles and puzzles that we need to work out ourselves. For reference, we have another anagram ↓

At first glance, this looks like gibberish but I’m going to dive into some theories as to what this could mean. …

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